It's a package that aims to fix your problems such as:



As complexity grows by the day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage risks. Delays are a great indicator of that. We are experienced in making sense out of complexity by bringing flexibility and transparency to your setup.

Product and engineering people speak different “languages”

Product and engineering people speak different “languages”

Colleagues don't understand each other. The product department thinks that developers are slow and unproductive, engineering people feel they're under constant pressure and the business side doesn't understand the technical complexity.

Rapid growth and the initial setup does not work

Rapid growth and the initial setup does not work

Say, your company has been growing rapidly lately and your effort to manage all that grows exponentially. We are committed to the mission of changing the industry by bringing our clients the expertise of building sustainable work environments where your colleagues get effective and creative.

Sounds familiar? We can help remedy all these problems.

We go into your team, grasp the context, background and history, and do an analysis. Then you receive a report of the current problems and a detailed plan on how to fix them.

The plan includes:

  • Action points to be taken
  • Team roles and necessary skill set that your team should have or has to gain
  • Milestones and deadlines

Optional package #1

Continuous support. We stay with you to support the plan execution, adjusting it if needed and coaching your people so that they can execute it further.

Optional package #2

Hiring. We can help you with hiring people with relevant skills and integrating them into your team.


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